Tara has been an amazing help to me with my newborn twin boys.  I believe she is the main reason I am able to exclusively breastfeed them, individually and tandem.  Not only has she helped me with ensuring that their latches are correct and pain-free, but she has also given me the encouragement - from the beginning - to believe that it is possible.  She is a plethora of information and is incredibly passionate about her work.
 Carly H Nov 2013

It is my pleasure to write this recommendation in support of Tara Carey who helped me in week 4 with a newborn go from almost giving up breastfeeding all together to enjoying the experience much more and being able to vastly reduce the amount of formula supplementation that I was needing.  Tara is both knowledgeable and extremely passionate.  She possesses current knowledge and new thinking that helped me drop counterproductive tactics, increase my comfort, and importantly, decrease my pain.  She also provided recommendations that helped noticeably and significantly increase my milk supply which was the primary driver of my need to supplement.  Her very hands-on approach also helped me tweak my latching technique in such a way that the experience for both me and my daughter vastly improved.  I am producing more, my daughter is consuming more, we are bonding more and both are more comfortable.  Tara’s commitment to the cause drives her to be very flexible, very accommodating and very enthusiastic. That she came to my home more than once to watch me feeding made for a more convenient meeting for me and my unpredictable newborn, and it helped expedite changes which probably saved my milk supply.  As a result of her guidance, my outcomes are now considerably better.  I am grateful to Tara for her passionate caring and her keen interest in my success.    Sincerely, Marina Gutman First time mother of a baby girl born Aug. 3, 2013 

I am pleased to write a testimonial for Tara Carey. I have worked with Tara over many years, and am impressed with her honesty and reliability.

Tara is a kind and compassionate woman, with the ability to work with people in all walks of life, and in many different situations.
As a Certified Lactation Counsellor, she is extremely capable, and very supportive of her clients.
It is my sincere pleasure to recommend Tara as an experienced, knowledgeable lactationcounsellor.
Leya Aronson, CRE  RN, MBA(c)
Project and Nursing Coordinator
COMET-Guyana Medical Team

Paediatric Nurse Immunology and Allergy Clinic

"Tara helped me feel confident, and my confidence helped my body relax and made it easier for my baby to latch. She's a great coach!"

L.S Toronto 2011

Just wanted to share a positive experience I had with Tara Carey. I was having great difficulty getting my baby to latch on when breastfeeding without hurting me. I tried getting help from another Lactation Consultant whose technique made the situation worse for me to the point that my baby was crying when I tried to feed him. Tara came highly recommended here on this site and I decided to give it one more chance before quitting. Tara's patience and kind approach helped to renew my faith in breastfeeding again. She taught me some simple techniques to improve the latch so my baby could be a more efficient feeder and not hurt at the same time. She also went the extra step to call and see how things were going. It is because of Tara that I persevered and continue to successfully breastfeed today.
MK Toronto 2013

I had preemie twins and they didn't know how to suckle as they were born at 32 weeks. Tara gently taught not only me but my daughter how to latch and eat. I had used another (very expensive) lactation consultant twice before Tara with no luck. Her results were instant.

MGF New York 2010